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Crystal of LifeCrystal of Life

Main hero of the game is young student of sorceress. To be initiated as a magician, he must undergo the tests, prepared to him by sorceress.

In the game you find yourself looking like an old man. To become young you must travel through worlds and find the crystal. To return youth it is necessary to gather precious gems in three worlds and to exchange them at sorceress for the keys from the doors leading to the crystal of life. In each world you will meet enemies who will prevent you to reach your goal.

To defeat them you can use a weapon - blow by staff (base weapon) and magic fireball (necessary to fill up).

You can also find magic rings and other magic objects which will allow you to fly, become invisible, to fill up fireball and life in the game. If you will be attentive and carry out all tasks of the sorceress you will return youth and become the dedicated magician.

Easy game control - you can shot and turn to the necessary side in the leap and in flight.

Game is interesting, dynamic and contains beautiful drawings.

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Crystal of LifeCrystal of LifeCrystal of Life
Crystal of LifeCrystal of LifeCrystal of Life
Crystal of LifeCrystal of LifeCrystal of Life
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