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Grigorenko ave, 39-bis office 20
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About Us

Activities of the Remote Technologies TM settle in the field of IT.
Remote Technologies Company creates mobile games under its own trademark Remote Technologies TM.

At the given moment we have an experience of developing mobile applications under platforms Java2ME, MascotCapsule engine Micro 3d and some others.
We have a disciplined team of experienced mobile developers and designers. We work quickly, effectively and qualitatively.

Nearest company's strategy is:
- Raising of the working capacities
- Dividing of the partnership all over the world
- Further expansion of the business sphere

Phases of the strategy growth:
1. Strategy planning
2. Realization
3. Strengthening of the market position and widening of partnerships
4. Raising of the working capacities
5. Joining into other business spheres

At the given moment company find itself at the 3 phase of its strategy development.

Contact information


tel.: +380 (44) 585 87 91
fax: +380 (44) 585 83 77

Grigorenko ave, 39-bis office 20
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