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Gnomes GoldGnomes Gold,
Terrible dragon KeGor has slept in his cave for many hundred years. Gnome Goldy awoke dragon though he was told that gold and gem mining is forbidden in the Ghost caves. But thirst for profits brought Goldy to tragedy - KaGor's servants have been awoke together with him, and they are wooden elves, t...
The life was good in your lands and all races lived in peace until one day an old wizard has found an ancient manuscript, which contained description of the Magic Artifact of Power. The Lord who would posses it becomes the most powerful person in the world and his race becomes topping over others. S...
90-60-90 (32-24-32)90-60-90 (32-24-32), Jan 2007
She was terribly aware of getting overweight. Perhaps, this fear had helped her to get thinner, but the things has gone too far. The fear of getting fat has turned into a nightmare. This is the world where food tries to overtake you all around and superfluous pounds are dangerous for life! Rescue ...
Lola - Jungle AdventureLola - Jungle Adventure, Jan 2007
Girls shouldn't be playing in Africa! But Lola is brave and bold, if said not to go the place, that's where Lola will go! And that's where packs of wild apes will be hunting Lola for just one purpose. Not the one that you probably thought of, though. The apes have enough food. There are countle...
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